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Services are any situation where you benefit from my skills.

Web page coding is what everybody and their brother-in-law does as a favor. So why should you use a professional code writer? Because you want a professional web site!

HSP (Hosting Service Provider) is the person who sells space on a server which is connected 24/7 to the Net. Your web site resides on this server and can be viewed by anyone on the Net who knows your name or URL. Jayel.net is a "virtual" HSP who resells space and bandwidth on a server. Why use a virtual HSP instead of renting directly from the server owner? Because jayel.net takes care of all the technical details at less cost than a full time webmaster.

NSP (Name Service Provider) is the person who registers your web site name with Internic and reminds you when to renew the rent on your name. Jayel.net will guide you through the registration process with an inexpensive NSP and take care of the technical details.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the person who connects you to the Net. Jayel.net will answer questions and help you connect through a local ISP.

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