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As soon as we start looking for free energy, it becomes apparent that the sun powers almost every process on earth.

Winds, whether trade winds, predominant winds, or storms, derive most of their power from solar energy.

Moving water, whether from hydroelectric dams, or ocean currents, derive most of their power from the sun.

Agricultural energy, including gasohol and wood to burn, derive their energy from the sun.

Even lightning derives its energy ultimately from the sun.

Direct solar radiation provides over 1,200 Watts of energy per square meter.

Ocean currents and trade winds derive some of their energy also from the earth's rotation in the form of Coriolis forces.

Tides are one of the few long term energy sources which does not come from the sun. Tides arise from the rotation of the earth relative to the moon.

Geothermal (geysers and hot vents) energy is another potential source of continuing Free Energy which does not use solar energy.

So why don't we use solar energy more directly?
  • Direct conversion of sunlight to electricity is, at most, 30% efficient.
  • Solar collectors consume a lot of real estate.
  • Solar collectors don't work at night!
Check out my favorite energy sources for my optimized solar collection system.

Thus, indirect means of collecting solar energy work better
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
  • Wind and current turbines
  • Hydro power
  • Lightning (lightning? check here for an explanation.)

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